Youth Frontiers Mentor Enrolment Form 2018
Position Description for Volunteers

The Youth Frontiers Mentor Role is to provide mentoring and friendship to a young person aged 12-16. Commit to spending quality time with a young person during scheduled times on school premises on a regular basis for a minimum of 35 hours over 6 months. The role involves both group and one-to-one mentoring whilst supporting a young person to develop a community engagement initiative.

Responsibilities and Tasks

• To develop a mutually co-operative, supportive and fun friendship.
• To act as a positive role model and encourage new learnings and skills.
• To encourage a young person to reach their potential and support the development of a civic project.
• A commitment to see the whole process through regardless of difficulties that may arise.
• To respect a young person’s dignity and right to privacy.
• To consider the safety of the young person and establish appropriate boundaries/limits for behaviour.
• To maintain regular contact with the nominated Coordinator regarding the progress of the friendship.


No formal qualifications are necessary.

Selection Criteria

• Have an interest and ability to relate to a young person.
• Ability to act as a positive role model.
• Genuine interest in the well-being of young people.
• Regular commitment of contact over 6 months.
• Willing and able to accept guidance from Program staff.
• Ability to work alongside a young person independently on a project.
• General knowledge and experience using computers/apps/smartphones
• Ability to accept others with different values.
• Ability and desire to work within a group mentoring team facilitated by a Youth Frontiers program representative.
• Good general health.
• Aged between 18 and 80.
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Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander person?

{{answer_39287197}}, are you a carer?

A carer is “a person who provides any informal assistance, in terms of help or supervision, to people with disability or older people. Assistance must be ongoing, or likely to be ongoing, for at least six months.”Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Are you a person with disability?

{{answer_39287197}}, were you born in a country other than Australia?

{{answer_39287197}}, do you speak a language other than English at home?

We hate to be rude {{answer_39287197}}, what's your date of birth? e.g. 28/03/1985 *

Age range to be eligible to volunteer as a mentor is 18 - 80 years of age
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{{answer_39287197}}, which location are you interested in volunteering? *

The program is delivered in 6 FACS Districts across Northern and Southern NSW. We need mentors from the Central Coast right up the coast to the Tweed (and a little inland to the New England area) and down to the Snowy River region. Check out the list and decide which area suits you.

Just pick one for now!

What is your current work status?

What previous experience, if any, do you have in volunteering?

Please provide detail as to your previous duties and roles.
{{answer_39287197}}, would you say you have general knowledge and experience using computers/apps/smartphones etc *

Youth Frontiers uses an online Application to support the mentoring process. Basic knowledge/experience and access to computers/smartphones is advantageous.
{{answer_39287197}}, how would you rate yourself on your ability to ... consistent and reliable? *

... stay positive under pressure?

... proactively reach out and help others?

... come up with creative solutions?

... support and encourage other people?

I'm available for my phone interview... *

As part of the screening process the initial stage is to have a phone interview lasting approx 30mins.

If you select other you will need to press the blue tick after typing in your response before hitting the Ok button

Where did you hear about the Youth Frontiers program? *

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Referee 1- what's their first name? *

We hope you don't mind but we need to ensure that you are who you say you are... please can you provide us with details for 2 referees who have known you longer than 6 months. Examples of good referees: manager, supervisor through volunteering or employment, GP, teacher, colleague, family friend etc
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What's {{answer_39287206}}'s relationship to you? *

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Do you consent to undertaking a NSW Criminal Record Check and signing a Statutory Declaration stating you are not a prohibited person? *

NB. If you choose not to consent to such checks, we will not be able to consider your application. Any offer of a voluntary placement will be subject to a satisfactory NSWCRC
If Yes, any previous names you have been known by?

Do you consent to attain a Working with Children Check? *

It is compulsory for all volunteers working alongside young people to have a current and cleared Working with Children Check Number.
This involves filling in an online application and going to your local RMS office (we will provide the process to you in detail). For more information please visit the Kids Guardian website
{{answer_39287197}}  if you already have a cleared Working with Children Check Number can you please tell us what it is?

e.g. WWC0012345V
Do you agree to undertake a 100 Point Identity Check? *

Disclosure *

Generally, your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence. However, relevant information will be released in limited circumstances where:For example, your personal information may be disclosed to parents and/or guardians with a direct responsibility for a mentee who has been pre-screened and is actively being considered for a match with you. Your name will be kept confidential until you are matched to a mentee. Prior consent by you will be sort before the release of any personal information to the school or parent/guardian.

Privacy Notice and Authorisation for Release of Pesonal Information *

All personal information will be collected and handled by Youth Frontiers in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Optional Consent for Evaluation and Research *

Youth Frontiers conducts research into its services, in order to improve and report on those services. Sometimes this research can be conducted using de-identified information; however on other occasions it is preferable for personal information to be used. By providing the consent below, you can contribute to improving the effectiveness of this research.

By selecting “I agree” below, you agree to personal information held by Youth Frontiers about you been used and disclosed by Youth Frontiers and its research providers for the research purposes described above. You understand that research providers will be subject to confidentiality obligations and that your personal information will not be included in the published findings of that research without your further consent.

Media Consent *

{{answer_39287197}} do you give consent for photographs, stories and/or film footage of yourself to be used for internal and/or external Youth Frontiers purposes

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